Henry D. Murray

Based on the novel by
Leonora Carrington
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Scene from
The Hearing Trumpet
JuxtaProductions, Venice, California

Comedy/ 12 Characters, 10 women, 2 men (doubling desirable)/ Full length, Two acts

Act One of The Hearing Trumpet may be read by clicking on the "Read It Now" button above. For a complete reading copy, please see the Contact Info.

Synopsis: When Marian Leatherby is ignobly shuttled off to the local old age home, she is immediately thrown into a world of intrigue and mystery, a world visited by strange visions from the past and life-changing portents from the future. An ancient abbess seeks to impart vital clues as to the location of the Holy Grail. A winged beast longs to escape from its centuries old prison. The earth shifts on its axis, plunging the planet into a second ice age, thereby righting the balance of Divine Feminine and Masculine forces. Against the backdrop of these epic events, Marian completes a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment of her destiny.

Adapted from the classic surrealist novel by Leonora Carrington.

Performance rights must be secured before production

Contact information:
Amateur and professional rights:
Henry Murray,
115 Wavecrest Ave.,
Venice, California,
USA 90291.

About the Playwright: Raised in the South, Henry Murray has worked professionally as an actor both on stage and television, and was a founding member of Nashville's only avant-garde theatre, The Ensemble Theatre Company. His play The Skeletal Remains of an American Indian by the Light of the Harvest Moon was presented at The Back Alley Theatre in Los Angeles. He is also the author of numerous poems and stories (publications include North Atlantic Review, West Word, and Collage), and a novel, The Ride South.

The Hearing Trumpet was first produced by JuxtaProductions, Venice, California, in March 2001.

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